Smoking Accessories

Whether you’re buying flowers to grind and roll yourself, or you have vape cartridges in your cart, you’ll need high-quality accessories to go with those products. Explore our vape and smoking accessories to make your experience as seamless as possible.

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Types of Smoking Accessories

The accessories you need depend on how you’re smoking. If you’re on the go and keep a vape handy, you’ll need vaping accessories like extra batteries, so you don’t have to wait for a recharge. Maybe you’re looking to try out a disposable vape instead. If you’re not sure which product is right for you, reach out to our expert team for assistance!

Smoking Joints

Smoking joints is one of the most popular ways of smoking cannabis products because they’re convenient and relatively easy to make. If you decide to roll your own joints, you’ll need essential smoking accessories and fresh flower. Rolling can take time and effort, but if you want something easier try our premium pre-rolls.


Vaping has grown in popularity among those who smoke for its convenience and modern style. Your CBD Source offers several vaping accessories, including vapes, batteries, and odor eliminators. If you don’t have time to charge or fill your vape but don’t want to give it up, check out our disposable Delta 8 vapes. They’re conveniently designed for single-use, which eliminates any need for clean-up or filling.

Learn More With Your CBD Source

Your CBD Source is dedicated to providing lab-tested CBD products, so our customers have confidence about their CBD products. Do you have questions about our smoking accessories or other products? Reach out to our team and have our experts answer your questions.

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