Kush Queen Delta 8 Hemp Bath Bombs

No other product in our store lets you literally soak up your benefits like these hemp bath bombs made by Kush Queen. Throw in one of our potent bath bombs and watch as it disintegrates into your warm waters. Give yourself 30 minutes and you’ll come out feeling like a new person with less problems than you had before.

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The Best Bath You’ve Ever Had

Kush Queen’s Delta 8 hemp bath bombs are a stronger option than our other CBD bath products for those days when you need a little more relief. But, if you’re looking to feel more body effects than mental ones, try out one of our CBD options. You’ll have a variety of different CBD strength options to choose from and you can even choose between broad and full spectrum CBD products.

Check Out Our Other Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 is quickly becoming a favorite among those in the wellness community who want a more mild experience than the potent Delta 9 and Delta 10 products. With our large selections, you can find a product that matches your exact lifestyle. Choose from Delta 8 edibles, vape cartridges, and more to give you what you need. 

Our Wide Variety

The mild experience given by Delta 8 bath bombs is just the start to what we offer at Your CBD Source. You can find a range of other cannabinoid products that offer a range of experiences so you can fully let go into the moment. If you’d rather focus on your body and not just your mind, try out one of our high-quality CBD products that will have you ready and rejuvenated for your day.

The Your CBD Difference

One of our favorite parts about our business is getting to discuss the products we offer and the effects they can offer with our customers. Enhancing wellness and offering education about our industry is our mission, so if you ever have any questions about which products might be right for you, reach out to our team! Plus, each order is backed by our money-back guarantee because that’s how much we believe in our huge selection of high-quality products.

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