CBD Tea, Coffee, & Honey for Sale

The selection of CBD tea and coffee for sale at Your CBD Source is ideal for anyone looking for an easy way to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. When your favorite beverages are infused with CBD, you can enjoy them even more with the added natural benefits.

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More Than Just Tea

At Your CBD Source, we offer a wide range of CBD tea for sale, from matcha to chamomile. If you haven’t tried CBD-infused beverages before, reach out and let us guide you. Our team knows precisely how our products are made and where the ingredients come from so you can be confident in your purchase.

Try Something Sweet

This delicious CBD-infused honey contains full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD from the mountains of Colorado. At Your CBD Source, we offer two sizes for any craving: 340 g jars and 5 g sticks. This honey pairs perfectly with the CBD teas we have for sale or with your breakfast. Start by consuming one serving, then wait for half an hour to see how your body reacts and whether you need to increase the dose.

Are CBD Products Available Across the Country?

All our CBD drinks and edibles are infused with CBD derived from industrial hemp. Since it contains ≤0.3% THC, it is legal at the federal level, and thus products are available across the country. Contact us if you have any other questions about our CBD teas for sale or other products. We would love to help!

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