Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod Vape Battery. Available in 11 Colors!


If you are looking for a quality Vape Battery look no further then the new Yocan Uni Pro Box Mod Vape Battery. This vape battery takes all of the favorite qualities that you loved about the original UNI Vape Battery and enhances them while keeping a nice sharp image. They added new features like an OLED screen and making precise voltage control settings to help keep the quality of your vape juices.

– OLED Display
– 650mAh Battery
– 10-Second Pre-heat Function
– 15-Second Shut-off
– Additional buttons for ease of use
– Precise Voltage Settings
– Sharper and Edgier Look
– Level Window
– Micro USB Charging


Airy Blue, Silver, White, Black, Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Blue, Apple Green, Brass

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