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The Importance of Lab-tested CBD Oil

It’s impossible to talk about all-natural health remedies without mentioning CBD. Each store you go to has some kind of CBD product on its shelves, and every website you open quickly gives you a discount on CBD oils. Hundreds of companies have started developing hemp-derived products since its legalization in 2018. Health enthusiasts everywhere use CBD oil for numerous purposes, but not all the CBD oils on the market are lab-tested.

There is no denying that CBD is one of the most lucrative ventures of the moment, but there is a downside. All the potential profits attract people who only want to make money and don’t care about the safety of their customers. Their products contain all kinds of contaminants that can have dangerous side effects on the body. So how do you distinguish these brands from ones offering safe CBD oils? With third-party lab tests.

Keep reading as we explain the importance of third-party lab-tested CBD oils for consumers, businesses, and the industry. We will also look at all the information a lab report can give you to ensure you’re buying the safest and highest quality CBD available.

The Importance of Third-party Lab Testing

The quality of a CBD product not only affects the consumers but also affects the companies and the CBD industry as a whole. Let’s look at the importance of this testing for each sector.

For Consumers

Untested products pose a risk to consumers. Many companies adopt unethical practices and put out mislabeled products with invalid claims. They might advertise a pure product while selling one with contaminants or claim a high potency without the compounds to back it up. This misinformation comes at the cost of the consumers’ trust and health.

Even the FDA encourages customers to buy lab-tested CBD oils since there have been issues with inferior products. Meanwhile, a third-party lab report can ensure the consumers get safe CBD oils and avoid the dangerous side effects of false claims.

For Businesses

The lack of lab reports can be problematic for companies too. Brands with tested products show potential customers they’re genuine, while those with untested CBD only signal dishonesty. By getting their products tested by a third-party laboratory, companies can ensure the claims on their labels are true and that their products deliver what they promise. This way, they can offer the highest quality CBD every time and build a trusting group of customers who will return to them for their cannabis needs. Lab-tested CBD oils can also help businesses avoid potential legal problems, distinguish them from untrustworthy brands, and generate more profit.

For the Industry

CBD is a relatively new industry, and it needs the trust and satisfaction of its customers to survive. Without strict regulations on online shops and the misleading advertisements of some cannabis companies, this industry is especially vulnerable. Mislabeling untested products, false claims, and impurities do not only damage the reputation of one brand but the CBD industry as a whole.

When customers experience side effects from CBD oils that are not lab-tested, they lose their trust in this natural substance and give up on it. This major problem can set the CBD industry back for years, but it has a simple solution. Third-party laboratory tests can give the customers safe CBD oils and save the hemp industry.

What Does a Lab Report Show You?

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Third-party lab tests are performed by independent laboratories. These labs test the ingredients of CBD products from different brands and provide unbiased reports on what they do and do not contain. They should answer all your questions about the properties of CBD. If the products meet regulations, they receive a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). This certificate ensures the products are safe for consumers and advertised correctly.

Here are some of the compounds these laboratories test for.

Cannabinoid Profile

The first thing a test determines is the cannabinoid profile of the product. Labs use different techniques to measure the level of active cannabinoids and ensure they match the amount stated on the bottle. So when you get lab-tested CBD gummies or oils, you know the potency and can dose the products based on your needs. Apart from CBD, labs also test for THC to check if it’s below the legal threshold. They might also check the concentration of other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBN, CBDV, and more.

Terpene Profile

Labs also check the terpene profile of products to ensure customers are getting the highest quality CBD. Terpenes are volatile, aromatic components of all plants that give them their characteristic smells and delicious tastes. Terpenes give plants like rosemary, pepper, pine, orange, and cannabis their unique aromas. They also have a range of benefits that can enhance the potential effects of CBD. Laboratories test full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products to verify these terpenes are present for maximum benefits.


Lab-tested CBD oils are safe because they have no contaminants. Various contaminants can enter products at different processing stages and remain in them. Independent labs test for the following pollutants to ensure the final CBD oil is safe:

  • Solvents

Solvents like ethanol are used for the extraction of CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant. If the manufacturers don’t remove them, they can lower the quality of the final product.

  • Heavy Metals

Hemp can accumulate the components of the soil it grows in, and one of those components is heavy metals. Heavy metals such as lead and arsenic are dangerous chemicals that can cause inflammation if ingested.

  • Pesticides

Pesticides used for deterring harmful insects on the farm can sometimes remain in hemp and enter CBD vapes and tinctures. Lab-tested CBD oils are free of such pesticides and safe for consumption.

  • Microbes

Microbial contaminants such as bacteria and fungi can also enter the final products. These bio-contaminants are pathogenic and can cause allergies and other diseases if they enter the body.

Get the Highest Quality CBD From Your CBD Source

Now that you know about the importance of third-party lab testing, it’s time you choose your CBD oil safely. Here at Your CBD Source, we offer the highest quality CBD products with a money-back guarantee. Each CBD oil, vape, and gummy comes with a Certificate of Analysis because we put your health and safety first. So visit our shop and order your lab-tested CBD oil now. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions, and read our blog for more interesting articles on all things CBD.

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