CBD Bath Bombs Kush Queen Complete Mini Collection 5 Bombs / 10mg


Thinking of having a spa day? The Complete Mini CBD Collection is a terrific way to test all five of our original CBD mixes in one convenient package. Five 10mg CBD Bath Bombs are included in the set. It’s a great way to find your preferred CBD Bath Bomb blend. Just sit back and enjoy.

Five Targeted Essential Oil Blends.

Awaken with 10mg CBD

Sleep with 10mg CBD

Relieve with 10mg CBD

Relax with 10mg CBD

Love with 10mg CBD

Every bath bomb is handcrafted with the greatest quality ingredients, obtained in the United States, and never tested on animals.

We source our hemp-derived CBD directly from our partner farm in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, which has been lab tested. For your safety, we test our CBD with a third-party lab to verify it is pesticide and heavy metal free. Every final bath bomb is carefully evaluated by a third-party lab.

Zero THC Guarantee: Kush Queen Hemp CBD bath bombs are guaranteed to have no THC. Made with CBD isolate from hemp grown in the United States.

Lab Results HERE

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