Hometown Hero CBDA/CBGA Tincture Hemp Derived Organic Cannabinoids


One whole dropper (1ml) has 20mg of CBDA, CBGA, CBDA, and CBG (80mg total). In short, that’s a 30 days’ supply in every tincture. This product can be taken sublingually and added to food or drink.

  • 600mg of CBDA
  • 600mg of CBGA
  • 600mg of CBD
  • 600mg of CBG
  • MCT oil from organic coconuts
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free

This product is hemp-derived. The mother of all cannabinoids is CBGA. CBGA is a unique natural chemical found in every humble cannabis sprout making its way out of the ground (cannabigerolic acid). CBGA transforms into different forms during the flowering cycle of the plant, eventually leading to such well-known compounds as CBD, Delta-8 THC, and Delta-9 THC. As a result, it is referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids.”

CBDA, the precursor to CBD. The journey from CBGA to CBD is not without a (scenic) detour. That detour is CBDA or “cannabidiolic acid. Although related closely, CBDA is not interchangeable with CBD. To many, though, its distinct impacts are viewed as both delightful and promising.

For maximum stability, a complex extraction method is used. When it comes to cannabinoids, CBDA and CBGA are the rarest of the rare. They’re not only sought after for their advantages but they’re also a rare find in hemp products. They degrade when exposed to heat and light. To put it another way, delivering these compounds intact and in consumable form necessitates a high level of ability and knowledge. When compared to other cannabinoids, their yield amounts are minimal. We’ve also thrown in some CBD and CBG for good measure.

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