Wild Orchid THCa Diamond 2g Vapes


Wild Orchid THCa Diamond Vapes!  Wild Orchids THCa 2 Gram Disposables are made with fresh cryo-frozen potent live resin! Try the taste of fresh, sweet flavors for an enchanting experience. These THCa vapes deliver a solid mood boost that’s both euphoric yet deeply calm. As you enter a tranquil space, all your negative feelings will wash away, and you’ll enjoy a calmness that makes you feel nice and relaxed. And with 2 grams, this will give you a long lasting enjoyment.

Wild Orchid THCa 2 Gram Diamond Vapes.  

Take a taste of pure cannabis euphoria and relaxation with the THCa Diamonds Live Resin 2 Gram Vape!

Discover the pinnacle of vaping pleasure with these potent and delicious disposable vapes. Wild orchid has created an amazing disposable vape with a combination of delicious taste and fragrance with the power of THCA diamonds + live resin to create a memorable sensory experience.

Available Flavors:
Cantaloupe Crush – (Hybrid) – Sweet and tropical flavor with earthy overtones for being relaxed and chill.
Fruit Punch – (Sativa)- Try these fruity flavors with an uplifting and energizing feel.
Tigers Blood – (Indica) – Delicious berry flavor for end of day calming and relaxing.
Watermelon Splash – (Hybrid) – Delicious watermelon flavor and a wonderful calming and chill effect.


The complete range of terpenes and cannabinoids present in the best cannabis strains is preserved in our THCA Live Resin Vape thanks to state-of-the-art extraction methods. The end product is a high concentration of pure THCA, a non-psychedelic cannabis compound (until it is heated) valued for its profound effects and possible medical uses.

DIRECTIONS: This disposable has a built in battery which can be recharged with a Micro USB cable. The indicator light will be on when charging. The vape comes pre-configured with an air-activation switch and is operational right out of the box.

Ingredients: (ALL KILLER. NO FILLER.): All natural terpenes and THCa liquid diamond live resin.



Cantaloupe Crush (Hybrid), Watermelon Splash (Hybrid), Fruit Punch (Sativa), Tigers Blood (Indica)


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Wild Orchid THCa Diamond 2g Vapes

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