CannaAid THCV 500mg Tincture


CannaAid THCV 500mg Tincture contains a uniquely high level of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) in certified organic MCT Coconut Oil. THCV has become popular as “diet weed” or the “the sports car of cannabinoids” and  is perfect for anyone who needs to stay focused throughout the day.
THCV is flavorless, which makes it perfect for this tincture format. You can mix this tincture into other things like drinks, or just consume it straight without issues.

  • 500mg of THCV
  • Caffeine and Guarana
  • 30ml Tincture
  • 30 servings per tincture
  • All Natural / Vegan

Looking for a unique experience? Try our CannaAid THCV 500mg Tincture!

Directions: Shake well, start with 1/4 dropper and wait an hour or two to gage tolerance

Ingredients:  Whole Plant Hemp Extract, MCT Oil, Botanical Terpenes,  Caffeine and Guarana

Lab tests attached below.


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CannaAid THCV 500mg Tincture
CannaAid THCV 500mg Tincture

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