Delta 9 Hometown Hero Rice Crispy Squares 300mg. Three Flavors.



Customer Favorite!! Hometown Hero, took home second place at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup Chocolate rice crisp Hometown Hero Rice Crispy Squares have 300mg of CBD and 300mg of Delta-9, all from hemp, come packed in a gooey, artisan-baked cereal bar. Insanely delicious? Yes. A feat worthy of awe and respect? Five times the chocolate decadence. Five times the gooey marshmallow. And five times the hemp-derived cannabinoids. Need we say more? Marshmallows meet chocolate. Crispy meets gooey in this dish. The earthiness of hemp combines with the indulgence of chocolate to create a unique cocoa profile. “Harmony” is usually the word of the day when it comes to our Cocoa Squares.

Each scored in 75mg CBD and 75 Delta-9 quarters.

Rainbow Squares rice crisp

We didn’t want to come up with just “any Delta-9 fruity rice crisp” at Hometown Hero. We wanted to produce a Delta-9 fruity rice crisp for a craft project. That concludes our Rainbow Squares. Yes, the Delta-9 we extract from hemp cultivated on American farms is the sameRemove term: Delta-8 we use in our products.Cinna Crunch Squares

We scored 300mg of Delta-9 into 50mg quarters for easier sharing Designed to perfection in a Texas artisan bakery…which means no sticky dishes to clean.

Snacking on the go is simple because to the discrete appearance.

Natural Delta-9 derived from hemp produced in the United States of America.

Three Flavors Available:

Chocolate rice crisp – chocolate marshmallow

Rainbow Squares rice crisp

Cinna Squares Rice Crisp

300mg CBD and 300mg Delta-9

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Lab Results Here

ATTENTION : Farm Bill Compliant ; Hemp Derived Delta-9


Cinna Squares Rice Crisp, Rainbow Square Rice Crisp, Chocolate Square Rice Crisp

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