Delta 8 Earthy Select Indica 1000mg Oil. Full Spectrum 500mg


Earthy Select’s Indica Delta 10 contains Organic MCT oil with 500mg Full Spectrum CBD Extract and 500mg Delta 10 Extract for 1000mg total.

One of the most praised brands which specializes in creating high-quality delta-10-THC products using the best ingredients and production processes. Earthy is a company that has a reputation for producing hemp that is of high quality. Thoroughly tested in third-party labs. Made in the USA.

Earthy products use only organic, naturally processed, non-GMO hemp plants are sustainably grown and harvested from reputable, federally compliant greenhouse, family farms in California, Colorado, Oregon and Vermont. The premium hemp products offer profiles rich in cannabinoids and terpenes providing the cleanest and strongest CBD, CBN, CBG, CDC, CBDv, THCv.

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