20 Pack Earthy Lifter-Kief Hemp Smokes CBD Pre-Rolled Hempettes.


Earthy Hemp Smokes are pre-rolled like ordinary cigarettes, making them extremely portable, sharing-friendly, and ready to enjoy. These have a great scent, are smooth to smoke, and have a lot of taste. Each one is filled to the brim with a proprietary blend of Cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Flower and Kief.

Only organic, naturally processed, non-GMO hemp plants are used by Earthy Products, which are cultivated and harvested in reputable, federally certified greenhouses on family farms in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Vermont. Premium hemp products have high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes, making them the cleanest CBD, CBN, CBG, CDC, CBDv, THCv.

Organic Hemp Derived

Delta 8, Organic,

Non-GMO & Vegan!,

Delta 8 + Terpenes

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