Certificates of Analysis

All of our CBD and Delta 8 products have been independently certified by third-party laboratories, and you can view our Delta 8 and CBD certificates of analysis on each product page before you add them to your cart. It’s helpful to know how to read CBD lab results properly before looking at the information, as this can help you understand the exact potency and purity of each product.

Lab-Tested CBD & Delta 8

One look at our Delta 8 and CBD certificates of analysis will help you identify if the plant was initially grown indoors or outdoors, as well as the potency and purity of the products you’re interested in. Because there are so many different cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant, these test results will help you identify exactly which cannabinoids — and how much — are in our products.

Terpenes are what give Delta 8 and CBD their flavor and smell, so knowing which kinds of terpenes are going to be in your products will also help you identify which you’ll prefer. Each certificate will outline the exact amounts of the different types of terpenes, as well as give a general overview of common items that smell or taste like the product.

Tested Products from Your CBD Source

If you ever have any questions about the different lab tests and certificates of analysis for any product, feel free to send a message to our staff and we’ll be happy to help. The more information you have about each product, the better your overall CBD and Delta 8 experience will be!

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