A Guide to Buy CBD Pet Treats Safely

Pet treats are a fun way of including CBD in your dog’s diet. When you want to buy CBD pet treats in North Carolina online, ensure you spend some time researching the product and reading through reviews.

If you are a pet owner trying CBD pet treats for the first time, here are few questions to get you started on your purchasing decision.

Questions to Ask Before You Buy CBD Pet Treats for Dogs

Are the Pet Treats of the Highest Quality?

Look for CBD products that are organically made in the US itself. Hemp that is organically grown in the country is the best source for all CBD products. In addition, manufacturers have to follow GMP rules during the production process that ensures the final product you receive is of premium quality.

Is the THC content in the CBD Pet Treat Less Than 0.3%?

According to federal law, all CBD products must have a THC content of less than 0.3%. This ensures you or your pet does not get high after the consumption of CBD. However, if your pet is sensitive to even the minimal amount of THC, you can opt for broad-spectrum, or CBD-only pet treats instead of full-spectrum.

Are Third-Party Lab Test Results Available?

Before buying CBD products, always ask for COA reports. These reports prove that the product has been tested according to US standards and is safe for consumption by pets. Any reputable brand will ensure its customers can access such information easily.

Is The Product Available in Different Flavors?

Flavors play an essential role in ensuring your dog enjoys this CBD treats daily. You will be starting your dog out on a new routine, and if they dislike the flavor, it would be tough to make the routine stick. You can explore different flavors such as chicken, turkey, and blueberry, among others.

Are There Any Customer Reviews You Could Refer To?

Customer reviews are a great tool to understand how the product has performed over time. For example, do their pets like eating these treats, are they effective, have they helped improve their dog’s quality of life, and so on.

When you decide to buy CBD pet treats in North Carolina, look for factors such as where the brand sources its hemp from, has the product has been tested, and it is safe for consumption by your pets. Next, experiment with different flavors till you find the best one your pet likes.

Finally, do your brand research and spend some time going through customer reviews to gauge the effectiveness of CBD pet treats.

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