Suver Haze – CBD Hemp Flower and Prerolls – Ships Same Day!


Suver Haze CBD hemp flower has a CBD content of 16%, These dense, earthy buds are extremely aromatic with floral notes and hints of citrus and pepper.

Compared to other strains, Suver Haze is considered a CBD-rich strain. The Suver Haze strain is regarded as one of the more popular strains among hemp flower users. This hemp flower can be identified by its green dense flower glowing with distinct yellow hues and medium-sized buds.

Tests out at 18.2 % CBD and Delta 9 levels <0.1%.

Hand Rolled Blunt Wrap Made From Raw Hemp

Ships in a smell proof bag or can be locally delivered.

Ships Same day!


1 Hemp Blunt $7.00, 2 Hemp Blunt $12.00, 3 Grams Suver haze, 1/4 oz Suver haze, 1/2 oz Suver haze, 1 Oz Suver haze


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