SANA Force CBD Oil 3000mg. High Quality Oil


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The premium, full-spectrum tincture changing the game for the world of CBD.

Formulated and refined to clinical strength, Force CBD delivers 100 mg mL of clean, potent cannabinoids in a single dose.

Force CBD is free of any additives thanks to Sana’s unique extraction technology for high-purity and great taste.

Each bottle comes with a 1ml capacity dropper; a fully-filled dropper represents one serving of CBD oil. Place the oil beneath your tongue, hold for 60-90 seconds, and swallow. If you are using hemp oil tincture for the very first time, be sure to start out slow and work your way up in terms of serving size as needed. Listen to your body, and adjust your milligram intake.

3000 mg CBD. High Quality Oil from Sana, with all natural ingredients.

Made in the USA

Ships same day.

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