HHC Sunstate Cartridges Hemp Derived 920mg HHC


With our enticing Cartridges, Sunstate gives your endocannabinoid system the gift of HHC. You can enjoy 920mg of hemp extract and HHC in this Cartridge

Our products are sourced from 100% natural, American-grown hemp, and is carefully monitored from its original extraction and formulation through to packaging and delivery. All our CBD products are produced right here in the USA and undergo stringent independent lab-testing to ensure their quality.

Sunstate Hemp Hemp Derived HHC Cartridge

  • 920mg HHC
  • 1ML / 1G
  • USA Grown / Lab Tested

Available In Select Strains

  • Green Crack (Sativa)
  • Berries And Cream (Indica)
  • Fruity Pebbles (Hybrid)

Lab Results Here


HHC Berries & Cream, HHC Fruity pebbles, HHC Green Crack


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