HHC PureKanna Dual Vape Pen – 1800mg (2x 900mg)


The latest revolution in vape pens, the PureKanna double-sided mouthpiece featuring both an HHC Sativa and an Indica in the same pen!

One side has the classic Super Sour Diesel Sativa terpene combination for uplifting midday effects that can be used throughout the day. Inhale from the other end to enjoy the classic Indica effects of our terpene-inspired Northern Lights mix for a calm nocturnal experience. Two distinct effect ranges, two Iconic cannabis terpene profiles, all contained in a simple and easy-to-use device that has your back all day and all night.
That’s the PureKana revolution in action.

Our 1800mg HHC Dual Vape Pen is handcrafted in the United States and ships same day inside the United States. PureKanna has always sought to encourage development in the hemp community, and their passion is to design and engineer safe hemp-derived products that assist people in improving their well-being, providing products that can work to elevate their spirit, and inspiring themselves to a heightened state of mind. Purchase your PureKana HHC vape pen today to become a part of the movement that is transforming and reinventing the modern hemp experience.

  • Double-ended vape pen for two strains in one pen
  • Combines daytime (Super Sour Diesel) + nighttime (Northern Lights)
  • Contains ~85% HHC content (per lab analysis)
  • Robust and rich terpene flavor profiles, very smooth inhales
  • Fast one day shipping on all orders
  • Proudly made in the USA

Lab Results here


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PureKanna HHC Dual vape pen
HHC PureKanna Dual Vape Pen – 1800mg (2x 900mg)