HHC CannaAid Disposable Vape Duo Pack


CannaAid’s new HHC disposable double packs give you twice the relief and twice the taste!
All in a great looking small and discrete disposable pen!

Find out the great benefits that HHC can bring, give these great products a try!

2 Variations
     – Blue Dream / Wedding Cake
     – Northern Lights / Sour Diesel

  • Compact disposable vape pen
  • 1ml cartridge per vape pen
  • 95% HHC
  • 2 vapes per pack
  • Rechargeable vape pen
2 pack of 1ML disposable vapes, including 2 strains of either Sour Diesel and Northern Lights or Blue Dream and Wedding Cake

Blue Dream – Wedding Cake, Northern Lights – Sour Diesel


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