Giraffe Nuts CBD Caramels – 15 mg – 10 pieces


Giraffe Nuts CBD Creamy Caramels are individually wrapped and contain 15 mg of Hemp extract each, with 10 pieces for a total of 150 mg of CBD per package.

They are a sensation and a definite favorite! Each caramel is carefully made, ensuring great quality and a decadent taste. These old fashioned treats include 15mg of CBD per caramel. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoid compounds deriving from the cannabis plant.

With 8 flavors available, Giraffe Nuts offers a wide array of delicious ways to get your daily dose of CBD.
Golden Maple
Creamy Vanilla
Top Shelf Scotch
Mint Chocolate
Smooth Chocolate
Atlantic Sea Salt
Atlantic Sea Salt with Melatonin
Atlantic Sea Salt with Caffeine

All Giraffe Nuts are 3rd party lab tested and are 100% THC Free..

American-made, pesticide-free, and extracted from top-shelf Hemp.

Ships same day.


Creamy Vanilla, Atlantic Sea Salt, Mint Chocolate, Atlantic Sea Salt with Caffeine, Atlantic Sea Salt with Melatonin, Smooth Chocolate, Top Shelf Scotch, Golden Maple, Cocoa Espresso, Double Chocolate Truffle

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Giraffe Nuts CBD Caramels
Giraffe Nuts CBD Caramels - 15 mg - 10 pieces