Fizzy Delta-9 Infused Soda Beverage


With their seltzer and soda brands, Journey Hemp Co. is elevating infused Delta 8 & 9 beverages. Fizzy is the ideal travel companion whether your journey takes you to the beach, the slopes, a festival, or somewhere in between.

The Pineapple Express flavor of the fizzy Delta-9-THC infused soda beverage from Journey Hemp Co. is refreshing and delicious! Ideal for your mobile travels! Each container contains 30 milligrams of potent, active delta-9-THC derived from hemp that has been nano-encapsulated.  Our water-soluble cannabis powders and all-natural flavors are used to make our fizzy seltzer beverages, greatly increasing their bioavailability. Depending on metabolism, anticipate a 10-15 minute onset and a 4-6 hour journey overall. please use responsibly.

If you want a lively social high without the calories and sugar found in beer and wine, Journey Hemp Co.’s Fizzy Infused Soda is the ideal choice for you. Drink Fizzy for a smoother and more pleasant uplifting impact instead of going through another alcohol-induced hangover.

42oz can.


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Fizzy Delta 9 Pineapple Express Soda
Fizzy Delta-9 Infused Soda Beverage