Earthy Sleepy CBN Full-Spectrum Oil


Earthy Now Sleepy CBN + Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil may help you relax. It’s extracted from our Lifter CBD strain, blended with 300mg of CBN distillate and organic MCT oil with no additives. This CBN oil for sale from Earthy Now yields a smooth, earthy taste with rich cannabinoid flavor.

How to Use Our Earthy Sleep CBN Oil

This Earthy Sleep CBN oil is one of our best sellers because it provides the most benefits possible thanks to the full-spectrum compounds included. The hemp used in this product is sourced from a high-altitude, organic farm in Oregon. This CBN oil for sale is intended for sublingual use: put a drop under your tongue and hold for at least 60 seconds to ensure optimal absorption. You’ll get the popular cannabinoid flavors because no added flavors have been used to create this smooth and earthy CBN oil.

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