Hometown Hero Delta 9 Alcohol Flavored Live Rosin 5mg Gummies.


Hometown hero has done it again with these Delta 9 Alcohol Flavored Gummies! Try our Tequila Sunrise or Old Fashion Classic flavors! With 5mg of Delta 9, its sure to please!

Hometown Hero Alcohol Flavored Live Rosin Gummies with 5mg of Delta 9, with 10 gummies in each tube.

Our new Alcohol Flavored gummies are perfect for beginners with 5mg of Delta 9. And perfect for those looking for a micro delight with amazing flavor. And even more perfect for those who prefer to stay on the wagon, yet enjoy a delicious flavor of a mixed drink!

Available in two flavors:
Tequila Sunrise – With its smooth citrus taste with faint hints of pomegranate, this gummy is sure to be a pleasing sensation., if not a Remembrall experience!
Old Fashion: This classic flavor kept the roaring 20’s alive across the country. With an orange kick, deep cherry undertone, and oaky profile, these gummies are a fitting tribute to a classic cocktail. Cheers!

5mg hemp Derived Delta 9 THC
10 Count Sturdy Tube
only 10 Calories Each
No Alcohol
Live rosin infused

Our sturdy tubes are perfect for keeping the gummies protected. Great for stashing in pockets, purses, or what-haves. Just press the button, twist the cap, shake some out, and enjoy the ride!


Tequila Sunrise, Old Fashion


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Hometown Hero Delta 9 Alcohol Flavored Live Rosin 5mg Gummies.