Delta 8 Hometown Hero 30 Count Party Pack 25mg Gummies


Hometown Hero, mouthwatering blueberry gummies took home second place at the 2021 High Times Hemp Cup. 30 Hometown Hero gummies with 25mg of Delta-8 each, perfect for sharing among friends…Handcrafted quality, which means you taste fruity goodness, not a grassy aftertaste. Do you want a fresh blueberry flavor that has won awards? You figured it out. Green apple with a delightfully tangy flavor? It’s right there. Do you want some ripe watermelon? Yes, absolutely. Pink lemonade with a tang? Remove the stand and replace it with the lid. And how about that mellow taste of golden peachy goodness? Uh…yeah! 

So there you have it, the guest list. What are they taking with them? Apart from a soft, chewy texture with rich, fruity aromas that melt on your tongue, what else?

Each gummy contains 25mg of Delta-8 THC extracted from hemp. Natural Delta-8, to be precise. Delta-8 is found in nature, and our D8 is made entirely of hemp. Mother Nature, thank you!

Soft cube shape, perfect for dividing into smaller amounts if needed

  • No gluten or animal products, which fits gluten-free and vegan diets. USA Grown


  • 6 Blueberry Gummies Award-winning fresh blueberry flavor at 25mg of natural Delta-8 each
  • 6 Green Apple Gummies Tart apple flavor at 25mg of natural Delta-8 each
  • 6 Watermelon Gummies Juicy watermelon flavor at 25mg of natural Delta-8 each
  • 6 Pink Lemonade Gummies Tangy lemonade flavor at 25mg of natural Delta-8 each
  • 6 Peach Gummies Sweet peach flavor at 25mg of natural Delta-8 each

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