Delta 8 Flower Cookies (Hybrid) Infused With Delta 8


The Cookies Strain with Delta 8 THC is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet flavor, mellow flavor. Cookies Delta 8 has a robust fruity aroma and a wonderful flavor on exhale, thanks to its tapering, dense buds and olive green hue. It’s an excellent choice for kicking off a relaxing evening after a long day.

Delta-8 THC content is 9.2 percent in this strain.

Cookies includes 9.2 percent Delta-8 THC, as well as a diverse range of natural cannabinoids, which contribute to its sugary flavor sweet fragrant aroma.

Cookies is made from hemp plants that have been farmed using organic farming methods. The CBD buds are then hand-trimmed and slowly cured in indoor or light-assisted greenhouses for 12-14 days.

Hemp Flower Grow Process

The Delta-8 THC in Cookies is produced by taking high grade indoor or light assisted green house flower. The distillate is then melted onto the flower, which is then kiefed and put into a pressurized container that binds the distillate to the flower. The result is a natural, solventless legal Delta 8 flower made 100% from hemp.

100% American Grown Lab Tested Hemp Flower

Lab Purity and conformity tests were performed.

Organically grown with no pesticides or heavy metals


You can store your delta 8 hemp flowers in their original packaging, which we’ve optimized for longer-term storage. However, you will need to keep your delta 8 buds in a cool, dark place away from any light or heat source. Sunlight and excessive heat degrades cannabinoids and can make your delta 8 hemp flower less potent and tasty.

Grown in the USA!.

Lab Results Here

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Delta 8 Flower Cookies (Hybrid) Infused With Delta 8