Delta 8 CannaAid 3 Gram Glass Disposables


Try our King Sized 3gm Disposable Pens for maximum lasting enjoyment! In 2 great flavors!

Delta 8 CannaAid 3 Gram Glass Disposables, now with a king sized 3 Grams! Try our new double sized Delta 8 Pens for a long lasting and enjoyable experience!

Available in 2 great flavors that will have you coming back: Blue Candy & Clementine.

  • Two amazing strains of Delta 8 THC
  • King Sized 3ML per pen
  • 3g of Delta 8 per disposable pen
  • Micro-USB input for recharging the disposable vape pen
  • Glass window displaying level of Delta 8 left in the pen
  • Each pen comes in a sleek single box
  • All in one design, no need for an additional battery unit
  • Each box comes with a unique QR code you can scan for the COA

The THC Delta 8 is considered psychoactive but is far less potency. This cannabinoid has important medicinal effects for our future health.

Info for our Delta 8 CannaAid 3 Gram Glass Disposables:
Diameter: 14*126mm
Aperture: 4*2.0mm
Resistance:0.8 ohm
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Turn on/off the device:press the button five times continuously
Preheat:press the button two times continuously to preheat 10s
Adjust voltage:press the button three times continuously in 1.5s to adjust voltage
(Blue light:3.4V, Purple light:3.6V, Red light:4V)

Do not leave a recharging vape pen unattended, and never charge this vape pen with an automobile outlet



Blue Candy, Clementine


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Delta 8 CannaAid 3 Gram Glass Disposables