Bath Salts CBDFx 100 mg CBD. Detoxing Eucalyptus and Soothing Lavender


Have a spa day! But first, let us define them and show you how to use them. Because our bath salts are packaged in a bag, you have several options for how to utilize them. As you open the bag and gaze down to see the loose salts, you may not know what your next move is.

Start by filling it with hot water and tossing a handful or two of CBD bath salts into the swirling water. Get in the tub and enjoy your bath as usual once it’s filled to your liking — but this isn’t your ordinary bath. You’ll know the difference we’re talking about as soon as you feel it for yourself.

Bring the bag in with you if you prefer to shower. When it’s time to wash your body, combine a small handful of salts with a few drops of your preferred body wash and rub your palms together until an exfoliating scrub forms and wash!

These incredible hemp bath salts will completely transform the way you think about your bathroom. Each bag contains wonderful floral extracts, mineral-rich Celtic Sea salt, and 100mg of organic CBD. Soothing CBD Bath Salts 100mg Per Bag

Available in Detoxing Eucalyptus and Soothing Lavender.

There are two types of bath salts to choose from. As you soak in a peppermint-filled bath laced with Celtic Sea salt for extra nutrients, there is 100mg of all-natural CBD in each bag. This smell is ideal just inhale the scent of peppermint combined with the supporting essential oils of lemongrass and bergamot.

The Tranquil Soak CBD Bath Salt from CBDfx comes in a calming lavender smell and contains the same Celtic Sea salt ingredients. This CBD topical is ideal for unwinding after a particularly long day. Lavender is a must-have scent for many topical applications, both CBD and non-CBD, because its flowery undertones are practically associated with aromatherapy. This perfume, along with the softer scents of bergamot and jasmine essential oils in the bath salt.

Every bag contains 100mg of organically harvested CBD, just like the rest of the bath salts. Made in the USA.

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Detox Eucalyptus, Soothing Lavender

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