3CHI CBD: 1000 mg Focused Variety Vape Cartridge.


  • The e-liquid is packaged in a glass CCELL cartridge with a ceramic core and an extremely user-friendly mouthpiece. Look no farther if you’re seeking for high-quality cannabinoid-based products.
  • 3Chi places high importance on using natural components. They also employ some of the safest and most efficient extraction methods available: 100% organic ethanol and CO2 extraction processes, cultivated on licensed hemp farms in the United States. This indicates that none of their products include harmful GMOs, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Comes in 5 different vapes: Soothe, Calm, Happy, Sleep, Focus.

  • These designers vape cartridges use a blend of 70% 8THC distillate, 25% of a range of cannabinoids that varies per blend, and 5% cannabis terpenes to create a more tailored impact than any cannabis strain could.

Made in the USA.

Calm Blend

  • 70% Δ8THC
  • 25% CBT, CBC, CBN, CBD
  • 5% cannabis-derived terpenes

Focus Blend

  • 70% Δ8THC
  • 25% Δ8THCv, Δ9THCv, CBG, CBD
  • 5% cannabis-derived terpene

Happy Blend

  • 70% Δ8THC
  • 25% CBC, CBT, CBG, CBD
  • 5% cannabis-derived terpenes

Soothe Blend

  • 70% Δ8THC
  • 25% CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG, CBT, CBDv

Also available as a sublingual tincture!

Ships same day!

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Calm Blend, Focus Blend, Happy Blend, Soothe Blend, Sleep Blend

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3CHI CBD Soothe Vape Cartridge
3CHI CBD: 1000 mg Focused Variety Vape Cartridge.