20 per pack – Pure Hemp Green CBD Pre-Rolled Hempettes


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A smoking experience that is enjoyable without addictive, intoxicating, or unnatural chemicals. Say farewell to the days of toxic tobacco cigarettes with Wild Hemp’s Hempettes.

  • Our ‘Top Rated’ Hempettes is completely free of any tobacco or nicotine. Made in the USA!
  • Wild Hemp’s Hempette is the world’s first CBD pre-roll in the manner of a cigarette! Each Hempette is jam-packed with cannabidiol and terpenes for a flavor that’s both tasty and aromatic. They’re fully manufactured out of hemp farmed in the United States.
  • Each Hempette is filled with the best, American-grown Hemp, according to Wild Hemp.
  • Each box of Hempettes has 20 Hempettes, each containing 50mg+ of CBD. All of our Hempettes contain less than 0.3 percent THC and have swiftly gained popularity as a smoking alternative.
  • 20 Hempette’s Per Pack
  • 75+mg per Hempette Approximately
  • Up to 1500mg of CBD per Pack
  • Less than 0.3% THC Guarantee
  • American Grown Hemp


  • Third Party Tested to Ensure Compliance


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20 per pack - Pure Hemp Green CBD Pre-Rolled Hempettes